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Comprehensive trading by laws approved by Govt. of India. Arbitration facilities for redressal of trade dispute representing various issues of Farmers/trade to State/Central Govt. Conducting surveys on cotton crop and fixing standards for cotton. Appointment of authorised controllers / organise spot trading and trade seminars of National / International.

  • Publication of fortnightly “ICF newsletter” and other Govt,. circulars and re-printing of publications, beneficial to cotton trade and industry.
  • Represent the interest of its members, lobbying and promotion of its members.
  • Library having important books and magazines on cotton.
  • Cotton fibre testing and intensive full-time training to graduates – a certificate course of 6 months.
  • Fixations of Daily Room Rates for various varieties of cotton grown in India.
  • Developmental activities in the area of improving the quality of cotton by conducting studies in india and abroad in modernising Ginning & Pressing Technology, Cotton Marketing through Agricultural Market Yards.
  • Conducting various programs and seminars on cotton. – National & International
  • Providing laboratory facilities for testing various fibre properties of cotton at nominal cost. For this purpose, a latest state-of-the-art High Volume Instrument Testing Facility is available which ensures accurate and prompt results.
  • Facilities for impartial quality survey and settlement of disputes by Arbitration under the bye-laws of ICF.
  • Representing various problems of cotton growers, trade and industry to State and Central Government.
  • Providing information on matters of interest and crop reports to cotton trade and industry.
  • Conducting periodic survey of cotton crop and publication of various reports on crop.
  • Preparation of standards for varieties of cottons grown in India, jointly with the East India Cotton Association, Mumbai.
  • Appointment of Authorised Controllers by the Association.
  • Organising Spot Trading in cotton for the convenience of cotton Buyers and Sellers.
  • Conducting a study on the feasibility of pledge based financing for cotton purchase through Banking Channel.
  • Development or Model Cotton Farm for best farm practices, propagation of Contract Farming in Cotton and Modernisation of Ginning & Pressing Factories under various Government Schemes.
  • We organise bi-yearly All India Cotton Conference of stake holders since 2012 for the benefit of interacting each others problems.