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About Indian Cotton Federation

ICF, Indian Cotton Federation formerly known as SICA, The South India Cotton Association is a premier organization representing the Textile Industry, Cotton Brokers & Cotton Growers of India. ICF has developed cotton Model Farm at its farm land to give field demonstration to cotton

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Comprehensive trading byelaws approved by Govt. of India. Arbitration facilities for redressal of trade dispute representing various issues of Farmers/trade to State/Central Govt. Conducting surveys on cotton crop and fixing standards for cotton. Appointment of authorised controllers / organise spot trading and trade seminars of National / International.

  • Publication of fortnightly “ICF newsletter” and other Govt,. circulars and re-printing of publications, benificial to cotton trade and industry.
  • Represent the interest of its members, lobbying and promotion of its members.
  • Library having important books and magazines on cotton.
  • Cotton fibre testing and intensive full-time training to graduates – a certificate course of 6 months.
  • Fixations of Daily Room Rates for various varieties of cotton grown in India.
  • Conducting various programs and seminars on cotton. – National & International

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Current News


We would like to inform you, the Board of Directors, Office bearers & organisers of All
India Cotton Conference after consultation and discussion, resolutely decided that due
to the now Globally ragging Corona virus 19 pandemic & govt. regulations, the proposed
AICC conference would be postponed by one year i.e. in August 2021.